Guifi·net project as an example of a good practice for the European Commission.

Rural communities set up projects to erase the digital divide and to improve the broadband conenction.

Guifi·net appears as an example in the Good Practices Manual, presented by The European Commission, where it explains how and the way rural communities have been resolved or pretend to resolve the problem of broadband connection. The Manual explains 12 examples of successful cases in rural places of different European countries, among them the case of Guifi·net explained by Dr. Roger Baig, volunteer member and project collaborator. 

The first part of handbook exposes the actual situation of broadband connection, the investment in rural places, technological solutions, actual european improvements in this sector or European Union funding and suport funds. 

The second part presents different examples of rural communities where have been developing projects to erase the problem of broadband connection and also the implemented solutions taking to account social, territorial and economic aspects. 

"The development of this common pool infrastructure eased the access to quality, fairly-priced telecommunications in general and broadband Internet connections in particular. It also generated a model of collaborative economic activity based on proximity and sustainability. The growth of the commons - based network infrastructure was possible due to the development, in parallel, of guifi·net as a social project in the telecommunications field", exposa Roger Baig al manual.  

These are the other projects that you can find: 

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